Vision Training with Hart Charts

Hart charts help to train our accommodative system, which is the ability to change focus from distance to near. Specifically, Hart Charts help to improve accommodative facility - the ability to increase and decrease our focusing on demand. A variety of binocular vision problems cause a decrease in our ability to accurately focus: some people focus too much and cannot relax; other focus too little and experience blurry vision for close tasks.

What you will need:


  1. Place the large distance Hart Chart on a wall 3m away.
  2. Hold the small near Hart chart at 40cm away (arm’s length)
  3. Start by reading aloud the first letter on the distance chart.
  4. Move your focus to the first letter on the near chart, make sure it is clear and single, and read it aloud.
  5. Shift to the second letter/number on the distance chart, saying it aloud when it is clear and single.
  6. Kept shifting between the distance and near charts until you have finished all of the letters/numbers.

Complete five rounds of these cycles, three times per day. When you are proficient at having the near chart at 40cm, your optometrist will recommend you move the chart closer, first to 30cm then finally to 20cm.

Remember: For these exercises to be effective, the letters/numbers you are looking at need to be clear and single. Contact us if you have any questions.