Retinal Fundus Photography

At Innovative Eye Care your optometrist will take retinal photographs of your eyes using a state-of-the-art retinal camera. This process is important as part of your comprehensive eye examination and to monitor any changes to your eye health in the future.

Our high-resolution Canon digital retinal cameras allow us to take a high-quality photograph of the back of your eye. This allows a more detailed, wider-angled view than would normally be achieved with conventional observation methods.

The real value of retinal photography is that it provides a baseline for the condition of your eye, making future changes much easier to monitor. This technology is especially useful in slow moving pathological processes such as in glaucoma, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy. At Innovative Eye Care we believe it is important to have a retinal photograph taken at your initial consultation and then regularly in the future, even if your eyes look normal like the image below. Please be aware that retinal photography does not attract a Medicare rebate so a small extra charge for this service will apply (we are happy to offer 50% off this price for pensioners and students).

Fundus photo of a normal healthy eye

Retinal photographs of a young medical student over three time periods. Her congenital optic disc pit slowly caused a serous retinal detachment in her right eye, affecting her central vision.